March Favourites

I thought I would share my month’s beauty favourites. I really enjoy reading blog posts of beauty favourites of the month; it’s a great way to find some new beauty discoveries that someone else loves. I have a couple of makeup products that I have enjoyed using together this month along with a new hair tool and hair product and finally some body products that are new to me. No affilate links have been used in this post, I have just linked the products for your convenience.

IMG_0020I love this Bareminerals BarePro foundation. My colour is in 21 Sabel. I was colour matched in store and I asked to be matched to my fake tan colour, which the lovely assistant was able to do easily because this foundation goes from the fairest to the deepest of skin tones. There are in fact 30 shades to choose from in the range. Its easy to blend and leaves anatural matte finish. It is definitely a  full coverage foundation but because it’s a liquid mineral foundation the skin still has a slightly glowy look rather than flat matte look that some full coverage foundations can have. My favourite thing about this foundation is its lasting power. As a working mum, I need a foundation that will last from 6 am to 6 pm and still look good, and this foundation does it. There are other benefits to this foundation, it claims to have “good for skin” ingredients which I thought was interesting but I will go into that when I get around to doing a full review of this foundation in the future. I love this foundation and it’s now my favourite to use in my collection. Link to the foundation is here.

To go with the Bareminerals BarePro foundation, I have been using the Nip+Fab Liquid Gold Highlighter in White Gold. This is a serious highlighter. I am not usually a fan of liquid highlighter because I find that they can often disturb the foundation when they are put over the top of them, but this one doesn’t. This is not a subtle highlighter by any stretch of the imagination, but it is customisable. It can be added to a foundation before applying to the skin to give an illuminated from within radiant look or applied on top to highlight the cheeks. You can use a little or a lot, however, you like and it will always look good. On days I am not wearing any makeup I add a drop to my moisturiser in the morning just to give me a barefaced glow. If I am going out in the evening I will layer it over my foundation with a beauty blender on top of my cheekbones and cupids bow for a serious highlighted look.  Link to the highlighter is here.

IMG_0022My biggest purchase of the month were my new Ghd V Gold Max Styler. I am that mum who wears her hair in a “mum-bun” all day long no matter what I am doing. I have very little time to do anything but dry my hair after I wash it. Trying to use straighteners where the style would only last a couple of hours didn’t appeal to me. However, my hairdresser used the new Ghd V Gold Max Styler on my hair and I couldn’t believe that my hair held the soft beachy curls for days. I was so impressed that I had to invest in a pair myself and I am back in love with hair straighteners again. I have long, fine hair and it takes no time to straighten or curl my hair with these.

I am always concerned about heat damage from using styling tools in my hair, which brings me to my next favourite, the Ghd Heat Protect Spray. This spray can be used in wet hair, or even better dry hair before you straighten or curl it. It protects the hair from the heat and leaves the hair looking smooth and frizz free. Link to the hair protection spray is here.  Link to the hair straighteners is here.


My next favourite of the month is the Vita Liberata Invisi Foaming Tan Water in Medium. I have a full review of this tan on my blog already but weeks later I am still in love with this tan. It goes on easily and dries instantly and most importantly looks natural and wears away evenly without going patchy. You can read my full review here.

My last beauty favourite of the month is the new Being by Sanctuary salted caramel and macadamia nut body lotion. This lotion smells good enough to eat and the fragrance last on my for a couple of hours. It isn’t sticky or greasy on the skin and is absorbed quickly leaving my skin feeling hydrated and smelling incredible. You can buy the body lotion from boots here.

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